Create an Event

Create a New Event

Creating an event is a great way to engage your community and share important information. Events can be published on the companion site and in select Slack channels.

Go to the Events Modal

Manage Events Panel

Use the global shortcut /events to open to the Events modal. The shortcut option will appear as you type /events into any conversation message.

Global Shortcut

From here, press the + Create New Event button.


If you do not see the + Create New Event button, you may not have the proper permissions to create events. Please contact your admin for more information.

Add Event Information

Create Event Panel

Here is where you will add the details of your event.

  • Title: The title of the event.
  • Hosts: The host(s) of the event.
  • Speakers: The speaker(s) of the event (internal Slack users).
  • External Speakers: The speaker(s) of the event that are external to Slack.
  • Start Date: The start date and time of the event.
  • End Date: The end date and time of the event.
  • Link: A relevant link for the event. Must be a proper https:// URL. If the Link is not provided, you must provide the Location instead.
  • Location: The location or address of the event. If the Location is not provided, you must provide the Link instead.
  • Description: A brief description of the event.

Upload Event Image

You can upload a cover image for the event that will be displayed in the announcement message and in the event lists. For best results, use an image with 16:9 aspect ratio (recommended dimensions 600x338).

Designate Channels and Public Visibility

In this panel, you'll also select which Slack channels you want the event to be published to. You may select up to 10 channels.

Here is also where you can choose to make the event publicly shared on the companion site. The event will appear in the Events list as well as on the Feed page for any Feeds that are connected to your selected Slack channels. Here is an example of how the event will look on the site:

Events List on Forum

Event Detail on Forum

Save Draft and Preview

When you have completed the event information, press the "Save and Preview". A draft of your event will automatically be saved, and it is safe to close the modal.

Event draft preview

Submitting from Draft Preview

You'll also have the option to submit your event at this time, if you choose. Admins will have the option to immediately publish the event, and champions will have the option to submit the event for admin approval.

Save For Later

You can always come back to work on this event later if you exit the modal. Once you are ready to publish your event, open the Events panel and navigate to My Drafts. On the overflow menu, you'll see the option to submit your event.

  • If you are an admin, you'll see the option to "Publish Event".
  • If you are a champion, you will see a "Submit for Approval" option.

Approve Event (Admin Only)

If you are a champion, you will first need your event approved before it is published. Once approved, the event will be published to the channels you selected.

If you are an admin, you will see the events awaiting approval under the "Needs Approval" dropdown selection. If you go to the overflow menu, you can approve the event which will publish it immediately.

You will also receive notifications for the approval requests in your Tightknit Hub channel, from which you can directly approve and publish the event, edit the event, or DM the event creator for clarifications.

Published Event Announcement

Your event will be announced on the channel(s) you selected. Congrats! 🎉

Published Event

Need to make updates? No worries! Any further edits you make to the event details will be automatically reflected on all of the announcement messages.