Getting Started

Getting Started

Setting up Tightknit is as easy as installing our app and clicking "Create". Building a community has never been easier!

Install the Slack App

Go to the Install Page

Install the Tightknit Slack app into your Slack workspace by visiting the installation link provided by your Tightknit representative. If you are interested in Tightknit but do not have this link, please reach out to the team (opens in a new tab).

Only Slack admins and authorized users are allowed to install apps in a workspace.

Select Your Workspace

Ensure your Slack workspace is currently selected by using the dropdown menu in the top-right corner.

Slack App Workspace Select

Review and Accept

Once you have reviewed the app permissions, click Allow.

Slack App Installation

You will see a success page once the app has been installed.

For more information on installing Slack apps, see Slack Help Center (opens in a new tab).

In order to get the latest features from Tightknit, you may need to repeat these steps to reinstall the app. This is a safe operation and will not affect your community data.

Create the Community and Companion Site

Slack App Workspace Select

Step 1

In Slack, find the Tightknit app under the Apps section in the sidebar. If you don't see it, click + Add apps and search for Tightknit.

Step 2

Select the Home tab at the top of the page.

Step 3

If you don't already have a Tightknit companion site set up, you will see the Create New Commmunity button. Click the button and the Create a Community modal will pop up. Insert the name and URL slug for your site. Don't worry — you can always edit this later.

Slack App Installation

Step 4

Last step: click Create! ✨ One brand-new companion website coming right up! ✨

Tightknit will use the provided name, slug, and your current Slack workspace logo to create your site.

New Tightknit companion site

Sync Content to the Tightknit Companion Site

You will now see all of your Tightknit companion site information and settings on the Home page of the Tightknit app. Let's start syncing content from Slack over to the site! ✍️

Choose Your Slack Channel

Pick one of your Slack channels that will have its messages synced to a Feed in the Tightknit companion site.

For example, let's say you have a #help channel and want to sync it to a Feed in the Tightknit companion site. Once you have completed all the steps in this guide, Tightknit will sync new incoming Slack messages sent in #help as a post or comment in the site's "Help" Feed.

Enable the Slack Channel as a Tightknit Feed

If the channel is private, first add the Tightknit app as a member of the Slack channel. Then follow these instructions to create the Tightknit Feed in the app settings.


Tightknit will only start syncing Slack messages to the Tightknit companion site once a Feed has been created for the channel. Messages sent prior to the Feed creation date will not be synced, but if you want to sync specific older messages, you can certainly do so by using the message shortcut!

Send Messages

This is the easy part. Simply send messages within the Slack channel as normal, and sit back and relax as you watch them automatically sync to your Tightknit companion site! 💯