Manage Events

Manage Events

To see your community's upcoming events within a Slack workspace, there is a global shortcut to show events to all users within a workspace. The easiest way to access this shortcut is to type /events in any message input box. This will display a list of all events that are currently scheduled.

Manage Events Panel

From this panel, everyone in the community can:

  • See all upcoming events
  • See all past events

For Admins and designated champion users they can:

  • Create new event drafts
  • Publish events or Request approval for events (Learn more about the approval process here)
  • Edit and delete events

Modifying Events

Tightknit makes event management a breeze. If you need to edit the details of an event that has already been published and announced, Tightknit will automatically update all of the announcement messages in Slack. 🙌

Published Event

Accidentally published the event to the wrong channel? No problem! You can modify the publish settings of an existing event too, even if it is published! If you add a new channel for a published event, we will immediately post a new announcement message in that channel. If you remove a channel for a published event, we will delete the announcement message from that channel.