Working With File Attachments

Working With File Attachments

Upload a File

Files up to 5MB in size that are attached to Slack messages will be synced to the Tightknit companion site. They will appear as attachments on the corresponding post or comment.

Tightknit file attachment sync

Tightknit communities are limited to 50GB of file storage per workspace.

Blog Cover Images

For Feeds that are configured to display posts as "Blogs," the cover image used is the first image file attachment on the Slack message, if any.

Delete a File

If a file is attached to a message and the message is deleted in Slack, or the post/comment is removed from the Tightknit site using the message shortcut, the file is also deleted.

You may also use the Delete file action in Slack. This action will only delete the file in Slack and in the Tightknit companion site, and the post/comment will be preserved.

Slack delete file


The following files or attachments are currently unsupported and will not be synced to the community:

  • Snippets
  • Slack Connect files
  • Unfurled attachments, such as Google Drive files or Google Docs
  • Files over 5MB
  • Forwarded or shared Slack messages
  • Files or images sent as blocks using Block Kit UI