🧶 Tightknit helps businesses grow, manage, and service their customer communities with Slack and AI.

Tightknit Syncs Slack Content to the Companion Site

While Slack is one of the absolute best tools for building a community, it's not without its challenges. Tightknit is your trusted Slack Community CRM that keeps your workspace healthy, growing, and engaged.

Use our Slack tools to help community managers handle events, promote champions programs, and learn how your members are staying engaged. Read to take your community to the next level? Spin up a beautiful companion website that unlocks the treasure trove of your conversations to the searchable web, gives you that SEO boost, and drives traffic to your workspace, all without ever leaving Slack!

Tightknit Companion Site

A shortlist of some of our most popular features include:

  • 🪄 SEO powered by AI
  • 📅 Retain messages past Slack 90-day limit
  • 🌐 Landing page
  • 😎 Customer profiles
  • 🥇 Leaderboards
  • 🧵 RSS feeds
  • 🔲 Embedded components

Ready to learn more? We're excited to take you on the Tightknit journey!

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