🪝 Webhooks

With webhooks, the world of automation is at your fingertips! Admins can find webhook settings under the Integrations module on the app home page.

Accessing Webhooks

Admins can view and register their webhooks with Tightknit by clicking the Webhooks button.

Webhooks List

Register a new Webhook

Click the + Create Webhook button to register your webhook with Tightknit. Once registered, you will be able to use this webhook as a data endpoint within various other Tightknit modules.

Create webhook modal

Webhooks require the following fields:

  • Name - a helpful name to identify your webhook
  • URL - the URL endpoint for your webhook

Delete a Webhook

Delete webhook option

To delete a webhook, click the ••• next to the list item and select the Delete option.


You will be restricted from deleting a webhook if it is currently in use within a Tightknit module. You must remove all references to the webhook before you can delete it.