The pages within your Tightknit companion site are organized as follows:

    • /
      • /<post-id>/<post-slug>
      • /<tightknit-user-id>
  • Navbar Header

    The navbar header will contain your community logo, name, and the call-to-action button.

    Community navbar header

    Call-to-Action Button

    Community Call-to-action button

    The Call-to-action button is featured not just in the navbar but across the website experience, especially in places where interactivity is not allowed unless the user joins the Slack workspace.

    The Call-to-action button is typically a link to join your Slack community. See how to configure it here.


    The navigation sidebar contains links to all Feeds, except unlisted Feeds, as well as the following items:

    Community sidebar

    The Feed navigation items will display the emoji icon using the Noto Emoji Google font (opens in a new tab), if any are configured for the Feed (instructions), or falls back to a default icon.


    The Noto Emoji Google font has limited support across browsers. It is a good idea to check your choice of emoji in the Noto Emoji Type tester (opens in a new tab) within the major browsers.