Feed Page

The Feed detail page displays the sorted posts within that Feed. They are connected to your Slack channels.


Feed pages are found at the URL path /x/<feed-slug>.

Community Feed page

Unlisted Feeds

Unlisted Feeds are only accessible by directly visiting the URL. They are excluded from sidebar links and SEO.

Posts from unlisted Feeds will not appear in any other Feeds, such as on the Home page or Profile page.

"About" & "Topic" Section

Describes the purpose and topic of your Feed. This section is linked to the Description and Topic, respectively, of your Slack channels and will be updated automatically when the channel is updated.

About section

If either of these sections are empty, they are not shown on the page.


Use the Feed sort select menu to choose the order the Feed posts are displayed.

Feed sort

Depending on the Feed type, you may see the following options:

  • Most Recent Activity - the posts with the most recent comments are displayed first
  • Newest - the posts created most recently are displayed first
  • Oldest - the oldest posts are displayed first

User sorting preferences are remembered on a per-Feed basis.

Display Settings

The default list view display setting is determined by the "List View Display" setting in the admin Feed settings.

Users can also use the Feed post display select menu to choose the format in which Feed posts are displayed. User display setting preferences are remembered on a per-Feed basis.


Includes the body of the post, up to a certain length, and attachments.

Feed display "Snippet"


Displays only the title and some activity stats.

Feed display "Compact"


Displays the post in a blog-like style, including a cover image and reading time. The cover image is the first image file attachment on the associated Slack message, if any.

Feed display "Card"


Click the Share button to bring up the Share modal.

Share button

Share the current Feed to your favorite socials, and let the world know about your latest activity! 😎

Share modal

Follow (RSS)

Click the Follow button to bring up the RSS modal.

Follow button

Use your favorite RSS reader to keep up-to-date with the latest posts in the Feed.

RSS modal

Subscribing in Slack

💡 Slack has a nifty tool to subscribe to RSS updates within a channel!

Slack feed Command

Simply start typing a message in your channel and type /feed <RSS-LINK>, where the RSS link is replaced with the link shown in the Tightknit RSS modal.

RSS Slack setup


Once the command is entered, your Slack channel will now be notified every time there is a new post made in the Tightknit Feed.

RSS Slack received

Slack is feeding into Tightknit feeding into Slack! 🤯

Embed (Beta)

Click the Embed tab within the Share/Follow modal to get the iframe code you can put in another website and embed the Tightknit Feed. The Embed Preview shows an example of what the iframe would look like with the provided parameters.

Embed Feed