Profile Settings

Profile Settings

These settings are used to configure your user member profiles and allowed Slack bots for the site.

Tightknit Member Settings Section

Leaderboard & Directory Settings

In the Leaderboard & Directory modal, you can configure how members show up within the leaderboard and directory pages.

Tightknit Member UI Settings

Members List - Max Display Limit

This setting controls the maximum number of members that will be displayed in both the leaderboard and the directory. By default, this is set to 10.

Leaderboard Members

This is an optional checkbox setting to exclude admins from the leaderboard. By default, admins are removed from the leaderboard.

Profile Fields

In the Profile Fields section, you can configure which fields are displayed on the member profile page.

Tightknit Profile Fields Settings

These profile fields are populated from the Slack profile fields that are configured in the Slack workspace. Only active profile fields will be displayed on the modal for selection.

You can configure these fields in the Slack workspace by going to Customize Workspace > Profiles. Go here (opens in a new tab) to learn more.


Known Limitation: Currently we can only show 10 profile fields on this panel. If you have more than 10 profile fields, please reach out to Support.

Allowed Bot Profiles

Tightknit is rarely the only bot in a Slack workspace. It's common to have a few bots that do different things. For example, you might have a bot that posts a daily message to a channel, or a bot that posts a message when a new user joins the workspace.

And sometimes, you want this content to be viewable in your Tightknit companion site so that it can be viewed publicly and indexed. In order to do this, you need to make sure that the bot is configured to post messages to the Feed that Tightknit is supporting.


Known Limitation: We do not support bots from Workflows or next-generation Slack apps.

Configuring a bot to post to Tightknit

You can configure which bots are allowed to post into the Tightknit companion site by adding them within the Allowed Bot Profiles section of the Member Settings.

Up to three Slack bots can be configured to post to the Tightknit companion site. Please reach out to Support if you need more.

Tightknit Community Bot Profile Modal


Only include bots in this dropdown. All real members are already allowed so no need to add them manually.