Tightknit & Slack Concepts

Tightknit & Slack Concepts

Tightknit creates an intuitive mapping of the information in your Slack workspace to the features of your Tightknit companion site.

First, let's review some Slack message terminology (opens in a new tab):

• Before a message has any replies, we call it an unthreaded message.
• Once a message has replies, it becomes a parent message.
• Any child messages of that parent message are called threaded replies.
• The whole bundle of the parent message and replies is referred to as a thread.
• Each of the messages within a thread, whether parent or reply, is a threaded message.

We like to call the concepts on the Slack side of things, such as messages and channels, Slack-isms. So how do we create community features from Slack-isms? Check out this table:

Slack-ismTightknit Community Feature
Message (parent)Post
Threaded replyComment