Message Shortcuts

Message Shortcuts

Use the Tightknit message shortcuts in Slack to manage your posts and comments in the site.

How to Access Shortcuts in Slack

Step 1

Desktop: Hover over the message, and click the three dots icon .

Slack message shortcuts hover

Step 2

The app shortcuts will be at the bottom of the menu. Find the options that have the Tightknit name and logo.

Slack message shortcuts

If you don't see any Tightknit options, click More message shortcuts... and then search for "Tightknit" or the name of the shortcut.

Slack message shortcuts search

You cannot use shortcuts on ephemeral messages.

Tightknit Shortcuts

NameDescriptionWhere can I use it?Who can use it?
Post to communitySyncs an entire message thread to the Tightknit companion site, including the post, any comments, file attachments, emojis, etc.

Has no effect on already synced posts.
Slack message (Post)Admin
Edit post title and slugUpdates the title and/or slug of the corresponding post in the Tightknit companion site.
Modifying the slug will change the URL for the post and break any existing links or bookmarks to the page.
Any message in Slack threadAdmin
Delete from communityRemoves the post or comment from the Tightknit companion site only. The original Slack message is unaffected.

Deleting a post will also remove its comments, whereas deleting an individual comment will not affect the post or the remainder of the comments.
Delete a post:
Use on Slack message, or Tightknit bot reply.

Delete a comment:
Use on Slack message reply.
Admin, or the author of the message